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Invigorate your Kitchen

It is a great time right now for color in the kitchen, but it can be a difficult task to match paint to your cabinets and countertop. Bold colors such as red, green, and orange are very in right now, but without the right pairing, these colors can make a space overwhelming instead of exciting, fun, and invigorating.

The biggest concern with picking colors for a kitchen are to make sure that it does not end up too dark. Especially if you have dark wood or black cabinets, making sure the paint you choose is light in color will guarantee that the room will not be too dark. Warm, muted colors will be a great way to make it more inviting than a navy when dark cabinets are what you are working with. Either way, bold or rich colors work better as accent walls or trims than using as the main color of the room.

Red, with a black and white kitchen especially, can create a true classic look. The actual hue and shade of red you choose will be up to you, so make sure you bring lots of samples and will require multiple coats. The bonus is that red is said to increase appetite so you will be ready to cook and eat big meals while in the kitchen!

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green kitchen with maple cabinets cabinet cures inc

Green can be hard to work with, but choosing natural green colors paired with natural woods can make a kitchen feel earthy and like spring all throughout the year in your kitchen. Choosing greens that are on the yellow side but not sickly in hue will be the trick here, and picking the color based on your favorite green foods can definitely help with that.

Orange, like red, is very attention grabbing and can be just as bold, or can be toned down into more earthy tones like green can be. There is a lot of variety with orange, and is good at bringing different wood tones together. So if you have contrasting woods in your kitchen (and nearby rooms if it’s open concept), using a splash of orange can tie everything together. Also, orange accents in an all white kitchen feels modern and bold, but not busy.

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blue kitchen with black counters and cherry cabinets cabinet cures inc

Although blue is seen as an appetite suppressant (whether or not that interests you is for you to decide), working with blue in the kitchen can give a calming and stress relieving quality you may want. There are so many shades to choose from, and the options are endless. It is also one of the best colors to pair with another color, so if you have a primarily red kitchen, a splash of blue through the backsplash or appliances and utensils can give more visual variety to the kitchen.

No matter what you end up choosing, color is a great direction to go if you want a quick update to your kitchen or you have recently refaced your cabinets.


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