Are you planning a remodel for your kitchen cabinets and wondering how to take it the next level? Cabinets can and should be much more than just a place to store dishes. Here are some fun and creative ideas you can incorporate that will help make your kitchen cabinets anything but ordinary.

Mix & Match

Open shelving in kitchens is a huge trend at the moment. And while that’s a fun and modern look, a lot of us still need to be able to hide some of that kitchen clutter. So why not get the best of both worlds and incorporate a few different cabinet styles? Install traditional cabinetry with some open shelving mixed in, and you can even throw in a few glass faces while you are at it. There’s no rule that says kitchen cabinets have to be uniform, so have fun with your design.

Grey and white cabinets
white sparkly kitchen

Add a Little Glitz

Want to add some sparkle to your kitchen? Think in whites and glass. Pair bright white cabinets with glass inserts and clear glass knobs. Take the look even further with a quartz countertop that has flecks of glitter in it, or a shimmery chandelier. (Photo courtesy of the

Line the Inside of Your Cabinets

Why should the outside of your cabinets have all of the fun? There are many options for the interiors of your cabinetry: you can match them to the outside of your cabinets, paint the inside a happy, vibrant color, or even line the inside backs with a fun fabric to complement your kitchen.

Photo courtesy of Pretty Handy
Photo courtesy of Pretty Handy
Upper Wine Cabinet

Go Upwards

Do you have a kitchen that’s short on space? Think tall and take those cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. To make it feel more open, you can install glass faces in the top row of cabinets and add some light to the interior of the cabinets. You could also turn this underutilized space into a mini wine shelf or display pretty vases and glasses. If you want to hide some clutter but still like the glass door style, use obscured glass inserts.

Make A Beverage Cabinet

Take part of a pantry or extra large cabinet space and turn it into a beverage cabinet. Put a small wine cooler or mini-fridge inside your cabinet and add some pull out beverage drawers, and voila, you have a custom beverage station. And keep in mind you don’t have to put this below your countertops, it can go higher up in a wall as well.

Beverage Cabinet

Mini Pull-Out Pantry

Do you have any awkward or leftover tall and/or thin cabinet areas in your kitchen you’re not sure what do with? You can smartly utilize the area by turning it into a mini pull-out pantry. Keep your spices and cooking oils, or even cleaning supplies in one easy to access location

Chalkboard Paint

Here’s a functional and unique tip, try some chalkboard paint on a cabinet or two. You can write family notes, welcome guests, display your menu, or even keep your shopping list updated.

Hide Those Appliances

If you’re someone who doesn’t love the look of appliances in your kitchen, conceal them with custom cabinet fronts for a high-end built-in look.